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Analyze product data to automatically select optimized design

Create banner

Use AI to create stunning web banner designs

Recognize customer

Display different banners to different customers

Manage schedule

Preset schedule to display banner automatically

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Display different banners to different customers

Banner for signed-up customers

Banner for anonymous customers

RoboMd analyzes customer behavior data to distinguish between signed-up customers and anonymous customers and select the best products to make banners for each of them.


All-in-one management service

  • 3 ways to generate banners; automated by RoboMD, product selection, banner image upload
  • Preview banner in calendar
  • Clicks and sales statistics of each banner



Create banners in 30 secs!

Simply choose a product and a template!

  • 40+ templates
  • No Photoshop needed
  • Easy editing


AI design

AI detects product color and automatically completes banner design

  • Color variations according to the product main color
  • Optimized images for web and app


AI titles

AI and big data auto-generate trendy and easy-to-edit titles

  • Product name and category based
  • Season-specific
  • Free fonts


How To Use

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Select banner position and display schedule to auto-generate a banner!

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Robot MD (Robot Merchantizer), developed by Otdeal (CEO Yoon-nai Choi), is an innovative service that can automate MD tasks that normally take a huge amount of time in one minute by linking data only.

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MOU with 10 outstanding companies in the AI ​​Startup Contest

A total of 100 AI startups participated in Startup Wars, which started in March, and 10 companies were selected after fierce competition. Among them, the top four companies made their final presentations at the ‘SAC (Saltlux AI Conference) 2020’ held at COEX in June. And on the 15th, the representatives of the top 10 artificial intelligence startups gathered at Saltlux to sign an award ceremony and MOU.

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Artificial paper is known to improve work efficiency by more than 70% compared to the existing ones, as robot MDs perform MD tasks such as planning, product research, classification, recommendation, and display according to consumer preferences.

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